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So, You Need More Space


You’re bursting at the seams. Your coldrooms stacked to the ceiling. Your employees squeezing their way through cramped areas. It’s time to take the next step for your business.


The ProjectLink team are here to help.


We have decades of experience designing, building and fitting-out cold stores and food production facilities in the UK, exactly like yours. You name it, we’ve designed it, to meet accreditations such as BRC, SALSA or any other specific requirements you may have. Nothing is off limits.


No one knows your business like you do


That’s why we’ll work with you to make sure the design we create will be exactly what you need, down to the last doorstop. If you change your mind, we’ll change our drawings. If you want to see what it’ll look like, we’ll show you a 3d visualisation. Want us to break the laws of physics? We … well, we can’t promise anything, but we’ll give it our best shot.


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