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Sustainable Drainage Systems Sustainable Drainage Systems

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Cally Williams

ProjectLink are pleased to incorporate a Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) into our latest project.

As specialists in providing construction and fit-out services to food industry clients, ProjectLink are well versed in solving problems that clients may have with their site. Most recently this has involved providing a sustainable drainage system (SuDS) for a new industrial building fitted out as a 1000 pallet chillstore. There were no sewers available to take surface water off site and it was also the clients preference that an environmentally friendly solution considered. Therefore a SuDS solution was developed.

The primary purpose of SuDS is to mimic the natural drainage of the site prior to development. This is achieved by capturing rainfall, allowing as much as possible to evaporate or soak into the ground close to where it fell, then conveying the rest to the nearest watercourse to be released at the same rate and volumes as prior to the development. Along the way any polutants such as metals and hydrocarbons from roads and car parks are reduced. Water entering a local watercourse is therefore cleaner and does no harm to wildlife habitats.

The HGV circulation route through the site was based on a Marshalls permeable paving system and the accrued rainwater from the new building development was transferred via distribution berms to a number of shallow basins to allow the rainwater to dissipate by percolation into the soil and evaporation into the air. SuDS is becoming increasingly popular and many planning authorities are keen to include SuDS in suitable developments. And it is another area in which ProjectLink are more than able assist.

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