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Padstow Harbour

Padstow Harbour

  • Ice plant installation
  • Cornwall

Padstow Harbour wanted food sector specialists to devise a solution that would improve productivity, so they contacted us.

ProjectLink met with the Harbour Master, Captain Rob Atkinson, who explained that the existing ice plant was old and that the ice produced had to be manually shovelled into the ice holds on the fish boats operating from Padstow. For one of the larger fishing boats in the Padstow fleet, the process typically took five men two hours to complete but the new system reduced this so that one man is able to complete this in just one hour.

On behalf of Padstow Harbour Commissioners, we imported a new automated ice plant from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. In preparation for its arrival, we drilled concrete piles down into the quay and provided a suitable concrete base. We also had to arrange for the power and water supply running along the quay to be upgraded.

The ice plant makes 7,000kg of flake ice every 24 hours and is capable of storing 12,000kg of ice in the refrigerated store. To dispense the ice, a swipe card system has been installed. The amount of ice required can be pre-set and the delivery is made via a pneumatic ‘air-blown’ tube, which vastly simplifies the loading process for the fishing boat crew.

We were responsible for:

  • obtaining a Certificate of Lawful Development from Cornwall Council, which confirms that planning permission is not required for the ice plant
  • piling and groundworks
  • importing the ice plant from Germany
  • supervising of ice plant construction
  • connecting of water and electrical supplies to the ice plant.


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