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Sole of Discretion

Sole of Discretion

  • Processing Facility Fit Out
  • Plymouth

Sole of Discretion is the brainchild of restaurateur Caroline Bennett, who opened Britain’s first rotating sushi restaurant in London in 1994. Caroline became increasingly concerned about the state of the fish stocks, beginning when she came across the plight of the blue fin tuna back in 1997. Since then, she has been a pioneer in putting ethically sourced fish on restaurant menus – and the political agenda.

More recently, she teamed up with one Cornish fisherman and started to purchase many of her white fish solely through this traceable source. From lone fisherman, he now supplies fish from numerous other fishers, all happier with the prices, and recognition, he can offer them for their catch. Sole of Discretion is a consolidation of Caroline’s efforts to support the UK’s struggling small-scale coastal fisheries, and bring ethically caught fish to the nation’s dinner tables.

With the help of money raised through a crowd funding website, Sole of Discretion was founded as a ‘Community Interest Company’ – wholly owned by the fishers themselves, and thus ensuring the benefits are retained in the fishing community. Sole of Discretion will create a completely new supply chain.

ProjectLink were selected to design and build a new fish processing facility in Plymouth where the fishers can pack, dispatch or freeze super fresh fish in a modern, hygienic, temperature controlled facility. The product will then be delivered to restaurants, and also to homes across the country via one of the biggest organic home delivery companies in the UK.

Sole of Discretion needed their new facility up an running as soon as possible, so we got to work designing a processing facility to meet with SALSA regulations, as well as Sole of Discretions own ethical standards.

Working to an extremely tight timescale our scope of works included:

  • The creation of a chiller, freezer and production area with hygienic insulated foodsafe panels to walls and ceilings.
  • Installation of refrigeration equipment, with ceiling mounted evaporators and external condensing units.
  • Fitting out the three refrigerated areas with vapour-proof lighting and IP56 electrical sockets.
  • Fitting out the marshalling area with LED lighting.
  • The mechanical and electrical fit out was designed using ceiling voids to minimise the intrusion of cable and pipework runs within production areas.
  • Installation of a WRAS compliant break tank to provide the production area with a water supply with no risk of back-siphonage.

Caroline Bennett was pleased with the project finishing on time and on budget – a first in her experience! She sent us her thanks for doing ‘a wonderful job’.


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